Sanitation Worker - 2nd Shift

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Job Description:
1. During production runs, various tasks to be performed a needed.
a. Perform various production tasks as requested by the supervisor
b. Perform general cleaning tasks as needed such as emptying trash and sweeping floors
c. Tear down and clean/sanitize equipment, tubs, and other miscellaneous items as production completes using these items for the day.
d. Use proper PPE For all tasks as required by plant policy on Personal Protective Equipment.
2. After production is completed sweep all dry material and remove various foreign / loose material from the floor before starting to spray water.
3. Assist in equipment tear down as needed.
4. Clean and sanitize equipment and work areas as directed by the sanitation supervisor .
a. Stationary equipment will need to be cleaned. Examples are the deep fryer, Matrix packaging machines and blast freezer.
b. Portable equipment will need to be cleaned. Examples are breading and batter machines.
c. Miscellaneous equipment will need to be cleaned. Examples are knives, tubs and hoses.
d. Miscellaneous work areas will need to be cleaned. Examples are warehouse, freezers and break room
5. Spray down and squeegee floors.
6. Assist in assembling equipment as necessary to obtain proper line setup. Any damage or mechanical issues identified should be reported to the sanitation supervisor or in his absence the Sanitation Lead Person.
7. Always ensure that you are using the proper Personal Protective Equipment when performing sani- tation duties. It is company policy that at a minimum, sanitation employees are to wear side shield safety glasses once production efforts end and full sanitation efforts begin. When performing certain duties or when using certain chemicals, the requirements will be greater. Any questions should be directed to the sanitation / production supervisor immediately.
8. Ensure that any guards and or safety devices are in place. Prior to working on a piece of equipment, make sure that it has been properly locked out by either the Sanitation Supervisor or the lead person. If a piece of equipment is not locked out, do not attempt to clean or disassemble it. Any questions or concerns should be addressed immediately to the sanitation or production supervisor.
9. Prior to spraying water onto a piece of equipment, ensure that all electric motors and electrical outlets are properly bagged and covered to prevent the intrusion of water into them.
10. It is critical that extreme caution is exercised at all times in the handling of harsh chemicals. Any questions should be directed to the sanitation or production supervisor immediately.
11. Always follow all Lake Erie Frozen Foods, GMP's, Safety rules and SSOP's when performing your assigned tasks.
12. All other duties as assigned by the supervisor Reports directly to the Sanitation supervisor, indirectly to the Production supervisor or QA Manager
Pay: $10.00/hr
Hours: 3:00pm - 11:00pm

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